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There are certain “etiquette” rules about blogging, such as:

  • When someone comments on your page, comment on their page
  • If a blogger follows your blog, follow their blog
  • It is rude to place a link to your blog in a comment
  • Comments – actually read the post, it is rude to take up space just to say a vague comment
  • Comments – If you did not have time to read the post, click the “like” button
  • Links – Bloggers love it when you put a link to their post on your page! (on a related subject)
  • Pictures – do not put pictures on your blog that have a copyright. Download Zemanta to get links and pictures that are not copyrighted.


  • I prefer a theme that is simple, where you can find the “like” and “comment” buttons quickly. Who likes to search around a site for the “like or comment” buttons?
  • Be sure to go to Dashboard-Appearance-Widgets and move the comments widget to the sidebar.
  • People like to see their comments on your site, without having to click on the comments button. This drives traffic to their site. See how my home page shows the comments on the side?
  • You can also move text widgets to the sidebar that show text, and any other items you would like to show on the sidebar.
  • Site Stats – Recommend removing this widget from your site! Why? It intimidates new bloggers and it just feels like I am bragging to people. Plus, I don’t want to blog for hits, right? Blogging is a fun hobby! If you are a new blogger, seeing that widget can bring you down each time you start to blog!
  • Blog Titles – Use titles that draw people in, not too long. Exciting titles!

Writing Tips – (to get more traffic)

  1. Indent paragraphs – unless informational post with bullet points
  2. Put lines between paragraphs for easy reading. Keep in mind most people read from a Smartphone.
  3. Think about making the font larger, so readers do not have to squint to read your blog.
  4. If all of your posts are generally “negative” be sure to add some “happy” posts sometimes. I like to read a mix of happy and sad. That’s just me.
  5. Pictures – I like sites with pictures, but not overkill on the pictures, unless it is a travel or photography blog.
  6. A perfect example of a perfectly written blog is See the writing? Isn’t it easy to read? See how Mikey has lots of pictures but writing in between? However, on his more serious blogs he has less pictures or no pictures. Take a look at all his blogs, they are a great example!
  7. Try to write in the present tense, use the proofreader to help with this, and spell check.
  8. Make a blogging schedule, to write on different topics each week or day etc.
  9. Technology and “how to” blogs are hot right now. Travel blogs are also hot topics.
  10. Tip: Facebook is one of the top searches on Google.


You will get more traffic by doing the following:

  • Blog title – Google the most searched words, and put these in your title. This allows the search engines to find your blog. Use Exciting Titles! Not too long or too negative. Draw the reader in to “click” on your post.
  • Refresh your post. You can actually change the date of your post to the current date, and it will be “refreshed” and shown as a new post on WordPress in the “tags” section
  • Use Zemanta to post links to sites at the bottom of your blog. This is called a “referral.” This will drive traffic to your site. Use links that are related to the subject. You will get tons of traffic this way!
  • Be nice in your blogs – do not discriminate against any group
  • Blog consistently, doesn’t have to be everyday, but often.
  • Follow comments you have made and comments others have made on your post. Respond to all comments if possible.
  • Tags – use tags that will be easy for search engines to find your blog, and other WordPress users. Installing Zemanta will help. Do not choose too many tags.
  • Make your blog PG or G, as Mikey suggests in the comment section of this post.
  • Do no embarrass any person or group – See Mikey’s comments. Editing my blog now. Thanks Mikey!
  • Go to Forum-Showcase and you can advertise your blog there.
  • Comment on as many blogs as possible, but read the blog.

E-mailing Bloggers – Do not recommend e-mailing bloggers, unless they ask you to in a comment. However, see Mikey’s comments on the subject. Mikey is a “seasoned” blogger.

The best WordPress blog I have read regarding blogging is:  She knows everything about WordPress, traffic, blogging. You name it and she has a “how to” on the website! I wish I would have read all of the posts on this site a long time ago!

This is all I have learned so far, does anyone know any other “Blogger Etiquette” or rules?

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  1. Thanks for all of that…I’m very new at this, so I appreciated reading this post. So far, I’m finding that bloggers are VERY nice people, very smart, and yes, gifted. :-)

  2. Yes, hope someone can help me with the Spambot thing! I don’t understand that at all!

  3. i am still learning too…you have taught me a couple of things tonight! thank you and welcome!

  4. Cool. Didn’t think it would help anyone. :)

  5. Never mind, LOL, I never saw one of those number balloons for comments before…great topic.

  6. I only slightly disagree with one thing here. It’s all right to use copyrighted images if you are reviewing the material, in fact that’s part of the copyright laws. It’s called “fair use”, because critique, satire and educational, non-profit use are considered First Amendment usage. Otherwise you would have to pay a fee every time you copy an article to hand out in a classroom. Also, blog-wise, people are generally happy to have you re-post their images, videos or text if you attribute the source and nobody objects to having their stuff promoted positively by others, copyright or not. They might if you are dissing them, but again, First Amendment protects some kinds of negative opinion like political speech and take-offs. Complicated, huh?

  7. (L emailed me and asked me to elaborate further, asking for more detail about things like the comment button and rules for emailing people off-blog.)

    I believe the comment buttons are arranged by the theme. I just wasn’t used to yours, where you click on the balloon. I’m not all that competent about navigating, partly because my eyesight is poor. I get lost in my own town, and it’s only eight or ten square miles.

    I think it’s all right to occasionally email others whose address you got from comments. I try to follow similar boundaries to those I would use with any new relationship. You know, rules like less is more, encouragement beats nosiness, and don’t sell stuff. You and the other person set the rules. Some people want to go deep. Some just want to share a laugh or ask about a specific problem. I don’t know if there’s actual netiquette about it. Also, there are those so-called “mature” subjects. I chose to make my blog space G-to-PG rated, so all ages can read and enjoy it, but I’ve had very “adult” conversations in email with blogger pals. And (aside from spammers) I don’t want to expose secrets or embarrass people in public. Email is more respectful in that sense.

    • Thank you so much! I just had to edit my blog and comments and made it PG rated. I also had to take out comments about other people. You have alot of blogging experience. I hope this helps new bloggers! It has really helped me!

  8. Good tips! Great post.

  9. Hello there,
    I’m so pleased that you find value in my blog and that you have recommended it to others. As I have volunteered to answer questions in the WordPress com support forums for over 6 years now, I believe I have a pretty good overview of what bloggers need and want to know how to do. Best wishes to you and to all your commenters too.

    • Yes, I see you were only trying to help me. You truly are the master of the blogging world! No sarcasm. It is true!

  10. Thank you very much for sharing this informative information which I am searching for last 6 month. Very informative with full of article.



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