Cyber- Bullying Mean Girls!


An example of cyber-bullying on gmail chat

Do you think your friends on Facebook are your true friends? Think again. Read the following story:,0,1427986.story

The above story is just one example of how social networks are changing society, and in my opinion, for the worst.
Are you a teen that has been cyber-bullied? If so, I want to read your story. Please post it on your blog, and put a link in my comments section.

Have any of you been bullied on the social websites? Not going to name any social network names, but you all know which one I am referring to…the social network that I loathe. Has anyone noticed the shift in American culture? This issue came to my attention at work. I noted that the employees were posting horrible comments about other co-workers on the social network. I will refer to that network as “rectum” in this blog for legal purposes.

The employees at work make comments all day long, such as, “did you see my post on “rectum?” It makes me cringe. How awful to be bullied on a social network for the entire world to see? A person could post anything about anyone. For example, a person could take a picture of you in a compromising position, post it on “rectum” and you would never know, unless that person had made the post public. What if you never view the site? What if you were a person that does not use the internet? Yes, there are still people that do not use the internet.

For example, if I do something at work my co-workers do not like, they simple write a quick post about me on “rectum.” However, I am unable to view the post because the post is not public, it is only viewable by certain users. This is a complete defamation of character and an invasion of privacy. A person could simply make-up anything about anyone and post it immediately.

It would be horrible to be a young teenager in our society. I cannot imagine what the young girls must have to go through with pictures and video being taken, without their consent, and posted on “rectum.” It must feel as though everyone around you has an “inside joke” and you are the joke! I am having the same issue.

The women where I work post on “rectum” the entire shift and it is like they are keeping a big secret. Oh, believe me, if I find a single post that is about me, they will be sued as well as my employer immediately. What about the people that do not know about the horrible things that are being said about them on “rectum.”

I do not understand why “rectum” does not do more to stop cyber-bullying. It is especially bad for teenage girls. They can barely use the restroom without being afraid someone will record them and put it on “rectum.”

It is my opinion, that the social websites are causing our society so many problems. For example, I was at a basketball game a few months ago. I looked around and all of the parents were on their phones, or computers. None of them were watching their kids play the game. I thought, how horrible? They are missing out on their children by surfing the web.

Congress needs to do something to regulate this cyber madness before it gets out of hand. I have watched several news stories lately where the college and high school kids are commiting suicide due to cyber-bullying on “rectum.”

We can put a stop to it right now. Deactivate your account. It is a start!

A graph showing where electronic aggression oc...

A graph showing where electronic aggression occurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CYBER bullying, a worldwide big probem (

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  1. bitchesincorporated

     /  March 27, 2012

    Great post. Referring to it as “Rectum” definitely got a smile out of me. :)

    I’ve never dealt with cyber bullies, but I have had some trouble with Rectum in the past. It is insanely difficult to have an account deleted from Rectum. You have to jump through hoops, fight a dragon, find your way through the maze, and hope that they’ll actually get back to you. Ridiculous.

  2. Awesome post! I hope this subject gets pulled into the spotlight quick! People need to be more aware of the damage caused by cyber bullying. I know that certain pages online have been reported time and time again, yet nothing is done about it. Maybe it’s time everyone “demand” action taken against these bullies!
    Thanks for the great post!

    • This is true. I don’t understand why the site cannot have a NO BULLYING policy period. It is possible. We need to rally for this cause because our children do not desserve to grow up in a society where they have NO privacy and everything they do and say can be recorded and posted immediately, with one push of a button. Thank you for commenting!

  3. There was an old Chinese saying: Fight to know friend or enemy!

    • Yes, sometimes it is hard to tell friends from enemies these days. If you find a true friend, make sure you keep them! Thanks for commenting :)

  4. Beautiful post, hopefully there will be some way to monitor online bullying as our society progresses. < my blog
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Yes, lets rally for this cause. Our children do not deserve to live in a society where they have zero privacy! Thank you for commenting!

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