Surviving Loss

Have you recently lost someone? Grief can be caused by:

•death of a loved one
•loved ones with dementia
•separation from family or friends
•change of lifestyle (grieving how things used to be)

If you have just began the journey, you are not crazy! First, yes people talk but you do not understand them. You do not hear well. Your senses are dulled. You are in shock.
The earth feels scary and shaky. Find a place you feel safe. Go to that place whenever needed.
Eat. I know you don’t want to, eat crackers if nothing else.
Read a book about grief or loss.
Sleep. Anytime of the day. Your body needs rest.
Take a short walk. Please?
Animals – if you have one. Talk and cuddle with them.
Cry. You must.
Yell. You must. Go outside.
Take a bat and hit the trash can!
People will not understand. That’s ok. Society does not allow time for grief.
Make the time.
Do not allow others to tell you when to stop grieving.
Suggest Zumba very therapeutic and Zumba people are loving people. They love new members! Most of them have suffered greatly too.
I know you do not hear people. It’s ok. You are not crazy. Be kind to yourself.
Children – show them love. They need it now more than ever. They sense your pain.

You can and will survive. You must make it. You have to for those you love that are still here. They love you and need your love just as much as you loved those who are no longer in your life or have moved on to a better place.

Everyone will experience grief. It is a part of life. Grief is a formidable opponent. However, grief can be overcome if you are kind to yourself.

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