Friend or “Frienemy?”


Can you tell a friend from a “frienemy?” This post is to help you do a “friend test” to see if the person is a true friend. I tried the friend test this week! It works!

Trust is earned not just handed out now, due to the media scaring people. I do not trust people. The person has to earn my trust, due to Facebook and the news.

My words or actions can be recorded and posted in a split second. It sucks. Period. We have no privacy!

Be careful what you text, say and do when you see a so called “friend” with a Smartphone during conversations, especially during school or work.

I actually test people to see if I can trust them. I tell them something and wait to see if anyone else finds out the information or if it ends up on Facebook.

If the “friend” fails the test. I simply kick that person out of my life, forever. It is a good idea to test a person, to find out if they are worthy of trust.

Did the test this week, found a few bad apples in the bunch, real quick!

Know your friends, but be one step ahead of “frienemies.”

It has been my experience fake friends leave when you need them the most. If you find a true friend, never let them go, they are precious.

True friends stay thru the good and bad times. The conversations are NOT always about them. They genuinely care about you and never gossip about you. They keep your business private.

I have yet to see a person find a true friend on Facebook. However, people will have 200 frienemies on Facebook, causing them trouble at school or work.

I notice people so easily give away their trust, in order to be accepted or loved.

We all were taught as children to be careful of strangers. I have learned sometimes those closest to you can hurt you more than that scary stranger!

Sometimes, it is our so called “friends” that hurt us, and not the “scary stranger.”

American culture seems to have grown cold-hearted. When I was younger, I remember neighbors helping each other.

Things were so different. We had “southern hospitality.” People would trust others not to gossip. Now, we cannot trust. Facebook makes it impossible!

Our grandparents were/are always right.

Kindness, friendliness, helpfulness, and less gossip are things I need to change about myself.

The news has our culture so afraid, we no longer assist people who are broke down or out of gas! We helped them when I was a child.

The horrible economy is going to test our ability to help people. Sometimes, people need help, especially in these horrible economic times.

It seems our freedoms are limited due to the ability for “friends” to destroy a person on Facebook.

The media has scared society to the point where parents are afraid to allow their children to play outside.

I rarely see children playing outside in my neighborhood, this is a sad change for American culture. They are probably on Facebook adding more “frienemies.”

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. jfox1221

     /  April 26, 2012

    yeah i don’t think fb has done anything to enrich my life….in fact im sure that i isolate more now than ever.

    • lizfruitberry

       /  April 26, 2012

      FB is highly addictive and causes teens and young adults great stress and paranoia. People can’t even go talk without fear of being recorded and things posted on Facebook. Or a live feed! That’s why I like


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