Make-Over Day!

Makeup before attendance. Српски / Srpski: Шми...

I was “letting myself go” due to being married. Frankly, I was a pajama queen! I decided to do a self make-over. My husband said I look “hot.” I feel so much better about myself! I wanted to share with everyone my day today. I have actually done full make-over days at home, without spending a dime. I get hair dye coupons, and borrow items from friends. Most of the items are birthday or Christmas gifts. I often ask for salon gift cards.

Here is what I did in one day for a full make-over:

1) Bra – Victoria Secret Bra that “lifts” (my family knows I love Victoria Secret, they purchase the items for me for Christmas)

2) Hair – professionally dyed and cut. Stay within 2 shades of natural color, or get lowlights and highlights. If your hair is brown, do NOT dye it blonde. Gold hair can make you look older. Hair should not look frizzy. Straight and sleek, no dead ends (unless you have curly hair). I like 3 colors dark brown, light brown, slight red lowlights (you can do this at home-I have)


2) Toes – Pedicure/professionally done. I prefer dark pink or red


3) Makeup – Matches skin tone, light doesn’t look like spackle. Should not show lines on face. Go for a natural beauty look. Wear eyeliner, and natural eyeshadow. Do not wear “80′s makeup.” Do not wear mascara or eyeliner that “runs” down your face by the end of the evening. Lips – not too bright, make them look kissable


4) Nails – Manicure

5) Wrinkles – if you have wrinkles on your forehead – get bangs/with lowlights

Français : Miss La Blonde

Français : Miss La Blonde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6) High heels always – if you are single looking for a man! Not thick high heels, thin high heels


7) Clothes – wear stylish clothing, go to a second-hand store if you cannot afford it. Wear a color that looks best on you, for your skin tone, hair and eye color. However, you want to be “slightly noticeable.” I have purchased name brand clothing at garage sales for $2.00 per item

8) Purse – Can be cheap, must look expensive. My friends and I do “purse swaps

9) Eyebrows/Facial hair – Get face/eyebrows thredded. I have my whole face thredded, it tightens my face. Cost for my eyebrows is $15, whole face is $35. Facial hair is a turn off. Make sure you have zero facial hair. Summertime, I have my entire face thredded. Fine hair shows in the sunlight

Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiece...

10) Skin – Oil of Olay Foaming Facial Cleanser and Blackhead Cleanser. I never use SPF makeup or lotion, it causes breakouts! I get acne from SPF makeup or lotion. Take Salmon oil and Vitamin E for skin. It stops wrinkles. I also take the following vitamins: Salmon oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3, Acidophyllis, Niacin-non flushing, Vitamin B complex, and put Vitamin E oil on my face. Lotion: Must contain vitamin E and have the lowest amount of ingredients as possible to avoid acne


11) Jewelry – less is more. Choose one piece. Do not overdue jewelry. jewelry should match your skin tone

12) Teeth – Whitening strips are a must

13) Tongue – brush the tongue always /clean ears thoroughly

14) Breath – Cinnamon gum. I prefer Big Red

15) Smell – Victoria Secret Pear body spray – keep it on hand – spray before any date. The lotion is great too! Spray the body spray on right before meeting the person. The body spray is not expensive (my family buys the sprays and lotions for me for my birthday or Christmas)

16) Shirts – this is the most important. A v-neck style blouse will make you look thinner.

17) Belly rolls – wear “spanx” or some other type of nylon underwear, that sucks in your stomach, to tuck in the belly rolls

18) Tan – Orange or “leathery” tans do not look good. A sun-kissed look is perfect!

Think of yourself from head to toe. Start at the top and work your way down your body. If you do not have the money you can buy the hair dye and other things for very cheap. Remember: Men are visual creatures!

My husband did not like my hair when it was “gold.” However, there are some people who look great with died blonde hair. I am not one of those people. I am a brunette, and when I died my hair blonde (many years ago), every wrinkle on my face was noticeable!

The above is the list I used when I was dating. The above list helped me to “get” my husband. We are now madly in love. I hope this helps someone out there, looking for love!

Happy Make-over! I feel so good today, wish I had done this months ago!

Marriage is no excuse for me to let myself go, and look like a pajama queen each day!

Anything I missed?


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    • lizfruitberry

       /  April 27, 2012

      It was a fun day!! :) Every women should have a make-over day every once in a while. Shouldn’t a women try to stay the way she looked when we were dating-if possible? I think so. Pretty unfair to walk around in pajamas every day, when we were dating I looked hot. Think I should stay hot. It’s only fair. :)


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