The 1980′s – a Look Back


When I was a kid…….

-Roach-clips with feathers were worn as hair barrettes
-People did not wear seat belts
-Everyone drove around with 40 ounce beers in their lap
-We did not have air-conditioning
-No one discussed anyone else’s business
-My school did not have air conditioning
-The economy was bad, but people were happy with the simple things
-No one had cable
-Dishes were washed by hand
-TV dinners were heated in the oven
-There were no cell phones
-Cassette tapes were used to listen to music or records (I had records)
-8 track tapes were still in use
-VCR tapes were used to watch movies
-No one ever called the cops
-Arguments were settled by physically fighting
-Kids played outside
-Most people drove “junky” cars
-Music was awesome
-Bullying was dealt with by fighting
-Most people were thin because of no cable or Internet (most people didn’t have it)
-Neighbors helped each other
-Eating out was a special occasion
-Kids played on swing sets & rode bikes
-Atari was the cool game to play
-People loved to dance
-Poker or spades were played for hours (12-24 hrs) (poker night)
-Billards were the in-game to play

it's been a while since i've seen an 8track pl...

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  1. such good times! great post. Sidenote: my father’s relatively new vehicle actually has a tape deck in it, I did not know they still did that. I’m now obsessed with finding all my old tapes, let’s hope they don’t get eaten.

    • Oh that’s wonderful, do you remember how we used to make a mix tape for people? Such fun! Or collect glass soda bottles and take to the store for 10 cents?

      • You can still do that – in college, if we were short on pizza money, we’d collect bottles and cans and take it to a nearby grocery store for 10 cents. College was only 8 yrs ago.

        • I had no idea. We had so much fun as kids collecting all of the empty bottles. We made a game of it to buy penny candy. Thank you for the info. :)

          • It may depend on the state you live in.

            • It is a shame we used to turn in glass bottles for 10 cents at the candy store as kids. My state stopped the program. It helped littering and there wasn’t plastic bottles filling up the landfills.

              Sods taste better in glass bottles too I think. Thanks for commenting. :)

  2. Nice list. :) Incredible how much things have changed since then.

    Used to make mixed tapes myself. Was a lot of fun, even though the sound-quality sucked. :D


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