America: The Closing Gap

Do you want to know how much of America China owns? Go to:

I had no idea the staggering amounts of money our government is borrowing every minute.

Gas Prices: $3.35 per gallon U.S. dollars

Gallon of Milk: $2.50 U.S. Dollars

American workers are underpaid and overworked. The health insurance that is provided by employers is horrible coverage and expensive.

We pay around $400 per month for health insurance.

Blue and white collar workers are unhappy. Employers are not giving raises or very little. Employers are mistreating workers because they are aware of how scarce jobs are in America.

A good job is almost impossible to find in America. The only great jobs are union jobs. For example, teachers, cops, post office and any government jobs.

Grocery prices are raising rapidly while the pay for all workers is lower than I can remember in my lifetime.

The American economy is horrible. The middle class has been the most affected by the horrible economy.

The middle class is finding it hard to survive in this economy. Many homeowners are moving to apartments or (flats). Homeownership is now a lost American dream for most people.

Lower pay, higher prices, and a terrible work environment is the current state of the American economy. The rich or very poor have not seemed to be affected much by the economy.

The middle class is slowly becoming poor.

There may only be two economic classes in America in the future: Rich or Poor.

The middle class might not exist in the future. I have a feeling this change may come much more quickly than Americans could ever imagine.

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  1. Succinct and interesting analysis. I think you are right, people do not appreciate the drastic societal changes that are happening.

    • People tend to ignore negative changes that happen so quickly or pretend like everything is going to be fine.

      I just wish I could somehow explain how quickly the American economy is going to change in the next few years. In the next few years the middle class will be shocked and not prepared for all of the negative economic changes.

      Have no idea how I know or learned about economics, guess from reading. I do not watch American news as they bend the truth to one political party or the other. I get most of my news from bloggers, the true journalist from around the world.

      The world economy is going to basically go down the toilet in the next 2 years. That is my prediction. People will be very rich or poor.

      The only country, in my opinion, to have economic dominance will be China in the next 5 years.

      China has been extremely smart economically and pretty much owns America (guess might as well just tell the truth of the matter). That is the United States fault. China is obviously much smarter (regarding economics and money) than the United States.

      I honestly do not know why the American government has made so many just plain ignorant economic mistakes. If George Washington or Abe Lincoln were to see the current state of the economy, think they would be mortified at what money, greed and power has done to all levels of government in America.

      The United States sold it’s soul to China. The United States spent money we did not have to spend. For example, many people I know who run up credit card debt trying to pretend to be rich, but they actually live paycheck to paycheck.

      People may say my opinion on the American and world economy is a bit extreme. However, if people do research and look at the facts, they might see that it is not at all extreme, but a rather logical conclusion.

      The sad truth. I could talk politics and economy all day.

      Once someone gets me talking politics I can’t stop :). It gets on my husband’s nerves.

    • I love America. It is the best country and we have wonderful freedom. I would fight for my country.

      It just makes me angry that our forefathers did not want this economic state for America. They did not have mountains of debt in mind when we fought many wars for our freedom. The constitution did not grant our government the right to have so much debt. The debt that is now on the shoulders of all Americans.

      I do not like the fact my country has fought so hard for freedom only to have it stripped away by being in debt to another country.

      Our soldiers and veterans fight and have fought for our freedom. They do not deserve to live poor. A soldier should come home from war to a mansion. So many people have died for our freedom and this country that I love.

      Now, feels as though Americans are indentured servants to China.

      Ok, I am done ranting. :)

  2. Great post (or posts if you count the length of your comments). Though I think China’s economy is slowing down now, it may take over yet. I agree about the soldiers, there was a picture going round facebook last week about how professional footballers (or soccer players in America) get paid compared to soldiers – it should definitely be switched, the soldiers deserve it more.
    Class polarisation is also happening as many middle-class graduates leave uni and are forced into low paid jobs that they are over qualified for because of the state of the economy and job market.
    P.S Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    • American soldiers should get paid so much more, it sickens me that pro-athletes are so wealthy, while our soldiers who risk their lives each day are coming home to find that their homes are in foreclosure and that they are having a hard time finding work. Our veterans and soldiers deserve more pay and respect from our government. That is for sure! Have a great day. Your blog is off to a great start, can’t wait to read your next article. You are a natural at blogging!

      Best Regards,

      Liz Fruitberry (LizEccentric7)

  3. So true, but does anyone listen or are all eyes and ears closed? At any age! We are all hear together. The future? Only god knows, but we need to sart paying attention. Keep thinking and keep writing. Freedom is a beautiful thing.

    • @bocotypo – active listening is a skill that I had to learn, I wasn’t born with the gift. Great point. Having the American freedoms that our soldiers fought for is a gift from American Veterans.

  4. What a great communicator and blogger you are. Our Government has become so big and complicated and multifaceted it seems that no one person or Party can handle the job and of course with the partisanship we have in government it appears little chance the two parties will be able to work together or compromise in the common interest of the public. I agree that all service men and women are grossly underpaid and underappreciated for the contribution they make.

    Politics is my game also. I located at:

    Good luck and good blogging. I will be following you.

    Best regards.

    • @ Tex Arty – Thank you for the nice compliment. I completely agree with your comment. That is why I recently became an Independent.


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