•Bitch that lives in the suburbs
•Pretend to be wealthy (far from it)
•Expect kids to be perfect
•Reputation is everything to them
•Can be male or female

The reality is a suburbitch’s child will most likely end up in therapy. I can imagination the therapist saying, “it’s ok, not to be perfect.”

Great parents do not sweat the small stuff. A suburbitch gets angry when their children break something by accident. Does that really matter? Thus the new word I made up, “suburbitch.”

A suburbitch freaks out if their child comes home with a grade lower than a “B.” In the big picture of life, is it worth getting angry if a child gets a “C?” The child has to make perfect grades, look perfect, act perfect, and do great in sports. It is an enormous amount of pressure.

Suburbitches also have their children in extracurricular activities six days a week! Where is the childhood fun in that?

Why are suburbitches adopting the new “my child must play every sport and every instrument – and be perfect” parenting style?

The kids hate it. Hey suburbitches, how about you let your kid be a kid, and have some fun? Stop putting enormous pressure on them.

Childhood is supposed to be fun!

Do you think the above parenting style is odd or normal?

Do you like the word I made up?

I wonder if suburbitch will end up in Webster’s Dictionary?

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  1. TRUE ‘DAT! Can’t stand that shit – seriously, why are kids not kids anymore?! Before I started homeschooling, I was room mom (1st grade) and I was just simply appalled by the fact that the parents emphasized perfection and were unwilling to let their kids just kick back and enjoy themselves once in a while. It disgusts me!

    • Exactly. The kids seem so stressed out. All of the parents in my small town think their kids have ADD. I don’t think they have ADD. I know these kids. I believe they are in way too many extracurriculars and their parents don’t allow them enough rest or play time with their friends. They have very little down time, if any.

      Like your experience, the parents believe, it is perfection or nothing. The kids always feel like they are not good enough, because perfection is not possible.

      I see the kids feeling very insecure and having little confidence because they are unable to reach the expectations that their parents have set for them. Expectations that are impossible to meet.

      I thought this was only an issue in my small suburgatory town.

  2. Suburbitch. I love it. Perfect term to describe the phenomenon – I have a sis-in-law who fits this.

    About freaking out over grades – I just want to say to these moms – really? I knew a mom who, if she was dissatisfied with her kids’ grades 0 even if it was passing – she would scour their tests for places to go back to the teachers & argue for points. Now thankfully, this was in grade school, and I sincerely hope that she doesn’t do this for her kids anymore. On the other end of the spectrum was me – I was worried that my daughter DIDN’T fail a test until she was halfway through high school. Kids have to learn how to deal with failure, that it’s not the end of the world.

    Hmmm … you may have inspired my next blogpost.

    • Yes, the next generation will have no idea what it means to lose, experience loss or go through hard times. I fear they will be unprepared for adulthood. Glad you enjoyed the post. BTW – changed my username to LizEccentric7 and my gravatar image. My kids said my username was “not cool.” LoL

  3. My parents always encouraged my brother and I to do our best, and if our best was a ‘D’ then as long as we tried our hardest it didn’t matter. I also hate it when kids are dressed as adults, with 6 year old girls in little heels etc.
    Surburbitch should definitely appear in the dictionary :)

    • My parents were the same way. They always said, “try your best and we are happy.” My parents never put any pressure on me to be perfect. I think that is why whenever I fail at something, I am able to try, try, and try again – or if I have done my best at something and fail, then I know that whatever it was, was not meant for me to be doing anyway. :)
      People are born with natural talents, then the parents push them into the wrong career, where they fail, because that career was not meant for them. It is so sad. Then, they live an unhappy life doing a job they hate because Mommy and Daddy pushed them into their career. (my comments are long, because I can type 75 WPM)

      Have a great day!

      Liz Fruitberry (LizEccentric7)

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  4. My only concern is that you limit this exceptionally valid persona to the suburbs… We certainly have our share of them here in the city centre, as well!

  5. This is fabulous! Great word. And I’m literally watching RHONY right now because I just can’t stop watching how these women live and behave. Crazy.

  6. I know somebody like this. Can’t stand her.

  7. Webster’s here you come. Love it; I’m stealing it immediately.

  8. Dear LizE – there is only one problem with your blog ….. its keeping me up at night. Brilliant, to the point and highlighting issues I love to read about. The parents in South Africa are almost too involved with their childrens lives and forget to let them free and just be every now and then. Carry on publishing these great posts.

    • @tanyaloots – Did you get a chance to read my previous post “No More Fluff Writing.” I think people enjoy posts that are passionate. Sorry to keep you up all night. :) Freedom is an amazing thing. The Freedom to write what we wish is something we shouldn’t take for granted. I know there are women in other countries that are not allowed to do anything – let alone write freely. I have a friend that grew up here in the U.S., then her parents made her marry a man in, (it is a tiny country close to Iraq). Cannot think of the name. She lived here for 18 years, and then her parents arranged her marriage. She now serves her husband night and day. She is not allowed to speak on the phone, drive, has to remain covered at all times. The man is extremely wealthy. She doesn’t care she is miserable. She does sneak and call people here in my town – from time to time. Beautiful woman – a shame noone can see her beauty. Her family is originally from that tiny country. Sad story. I miss her and think of her often, we were best friends prior to her moving.

  9. Good one! Post and new word I mean not the suburbitch.

  10. wildacademicwoman

     /  August 11, 2012

    It’s very bad to be a teacher of one of these kids. The moms will hound you day and night until they get their way (unfortunately, the task usually falls to the moms to chaperone the kids and interact with the school). And because of the politically correct nature of many schools, it’s nearly impossible to say to the parents (and kids) that maybe they can’t get an A in Honors Chemistry because it’s really hard and they’re just not good at it. Then the parents blame you for not doing your job. Really? What happened to parents teaching them about hard work? Learning from mistakes? I say this as a parent myself. All I expect is the best effort, manners, generosity, and consideration of the environment. Bottom line–not everyone can go to Harvard!

    • @wildacademicwoman – I don’t know how you do it. The parents have just went overboard in my area. They all push the kids way beyond their capabilities. People are born with certain talents, some parents do not seem to understand this anymore. They try to force their children to play an instrument or a sport, but the kid may not have the talent for that specific activity. The children then develop low self-esteem because they cannot reach the unrealistic expectations of their parents. If you have time, you may enjoy reading mystudentstruggles post regarding teaching. I found it to be really interesting. She is on my blogroll. It is a discussion regarding students and teachers, and each of their roles. You are right, not everyone can go to Harvard. Our society needs garbage truck drivers and people to work at Mcdonald’s. Who will make the fries? Who will collect the trash? America would not function without entry-level workers. Society needs workers at all levels, in order to function correctly.

  11. Thanks for following my blog! :)

  12. They are bored and boring. Ugh, cannot wait to get out of small town and back to the city!!!

    • @bossymoksie – love the woods and scenery out here, but enjoy the city too where no one knows my business. Guess I am part country and part city.

  13. Glasses of water are deeper than suburbitches. Just like how they reside on a completely different planet of reality, they raise their children to meet the same standard.
    If suburbitches were graded on the quality of human being they are, they’d wish they’d fare as well as a C.

    You have a higher chance of that word being accepted by Oxford since they spared no expense adopting the word “bootylicious” into their vocabulary.
    Do visit sometime.

  1. Suburbitches: Round Two « ec·cen·tric

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