I Cannot Stop Shaking……

Here is what the man looked like yelling at me today going at a speed of 45 MPH

Shaking, crying, my right arm is hurting. My heart is beating fast. I cannot calm down. Just ran to the store on the way back a man kept almost running me off the road and screaming at me.

I was going the exact speed limit as our car insurance is super high. It is $200 per month and I could see an unmarked cop car up ahead (I can spot a cop a mile away-God given gift).

The man almost ran me off the road. He then pulled up beside me on a two lane road (in the oncoming traffic lane) and screamed, “you are a fat f-ing wh*re!.” I am not fat and I was very scared. There was no oncoming traffic, when he drove directly beside my car. I have never met this man in my life.

He then spotted the cop and pulled into an apartment complex on the left side of the road.

I thought he pulled up beside me to shoot me.

I actually almost ran into oncoming traffic and off the road when he was behind me almost hitting my bumper and screaming.

I could have gotten into a serious car accident for a quick drive to the store. Thought for sure he was pulling beside me to pull a gun and shoot me. It is legal in my state to carry a gun in your car as long as you have a license.

There have been many people who were shot and killed due to road rage in my state, since it is now legal to carry a concealed weapon.

A State Trooper is now looking for the vehicle.

What if he does this to an elderly person?

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  1. Some people are beyond contempt. Hope you are feeling better.

    • I wonder if he was on drugs or something. He could have caused several people to get killed. My speed was 45 MPH when he drove up right next to my car.

      It reminded me of a gangster movie. It is hard for me to believe that actually just happened to me in real life.

      I had only seen that happen in action films.

  2. thats an awful experience to go through, i cant imagine the fear you went through, i hope your life gets better real soon, thinking of you my friend xx

    • He just really caught me by surprise. Never had anything happen like that while driving at 45 MPH. My brain had no clue how to react that quickly. My brain just completely went into shock- it went blank.

      I expect things like this when driving in certain parts of the city, and I watch for it. Here in suburgatory, never expected someone to do that.

      I am only 5’1″ tall. Wonder if he feels like a real man picking on a women only 5 feet tall? Yea, he is a real tough guy.

      Thanks, Kizzy

  3. People are crazy on the road. I’ve been chased down twice by men who said they wanted to fix a dent in my car! When I said no, they followed me and were yelling at me! It was scary! I did some steve Mcqueen driving to lose them! But I could have gotten into an accident.

    • Road Rage – had no idea it was so common. I guess I better watch out for road rage in the future. I am glad you were able to lose them. I know exactly how you felt though. My adrenaline kicked in and I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest.

  4. People are losing themselves more and more in a detatched egotistical existence…driven by a me-me-me mindset….they do not care for the fear they cause or emotional residue that leave in the lives of others.Humanity is fading from our lives…these people will emerge more and more…….depressing stuff.

    • Words – have enormous power, as I wrote in the post “What have Words Done for you Lately?” Words can start a nuclear war. Words were said that dropped bombs. Teens have committed suicide over typed words on Facebook or on a SmartPhone.

      The power words have is beyond what people have the abiity to comprehend. I often forget the power words have over other people. We Americans believe we can say what we wish. Wrong! A person may take what you say, having a bad day, and go home and hurt someone or themselves. It is all over the news and quite possible. I have a high self-esteem, so the words the road rage man said, do not bother me. However, what if it had been a person contemplating hurting themselves or others?
      The reaction could have been horrific. What if it were a teen, that had been picked on all day on Facebook? Road Rage man had no clue who I was, or what my reaction would be to his action. People should not judge others by their looks at all.

      A book is not what is on the cover – ever.

      • Liz – I could not agree more. You express this so eloquently….you are on the money. The power of words is all…they can be used to destroy people in the most unlikely situations. And as you said – there is so much to people beyond the shallow surface judgments that are out there….and facebook etc are so driven by shallow…surface exchanges..no depth..no sincerity….no worth!

    • @holden2012
      I agree with what you have said.
      I’m so glad to hear you were bale to keep it togther while being bullied by that road rager.

      • @Timethief – I was amazed at how my adrenaline went so high, but my brain said, “bye, I am leaving,” My guess is my brain was trying to pull information from a past experience on how to react, but since there has never been anything like that happen, my brain checked out.

        Think our brains have an automatic coping system. I remember reading about that in college.

        Thanks Timethief

  5. Rhiannon Fox

     /  July 25, 2012

    How horrible, I hope they catch him but mostly I hope you’re ok now x

    • I hope he gets some jail time for almost running me off the road, because he could hurt someone with that type of anger. Thank you. :)

    • @buckwheatsrisk – my reader never shows your blog. I finally found it today by a WP tag and was able to read some of your posts. I do not know why all of the blogs I am following do not show up in the reader. Glad you commmented, I will use this link to comment on your posts. Thank you! Glad I found you again!

      • thank you so much! is there a way on my end to help it show up? i’m so not computer savvy…lol thank you so much for visiting! i look forward reading your work!

  6. Sorry you were subjected to this lunatic’s ignorance. It is he and others like him that have helped the concealed carry numbers to rise. I being one of those concealed weapon permit holders. Enjoyed reading your site. :)

  7. jfox1221

     /  July 25, 2012

    woah dude. Glad you are okay. That happened to me on my way to San Diego back in January. However, this man was driving a shuttle. People are ridiculous now.

    • @Jfox1221- Thank you! Glad you were ok with your experience. Cannot believe how common road rage is in America – it’s crazy. I had no clue.

      • jfox1221

         /  July 25, 2012

        Yeah people are crazy in Arizona…don’t think about flipping a friendly bird to the asshat that cuts you off. You may get shot. I blame the 115 degree temps. And Obama.

        • Those are some high temperatures. No way, that itself would drive me nuts. I would feel trapped in my house with the AC all day, every day.

  8. Hope you’re ok now and that they catch the lunatic. :)

    • @mystudentstruggles – thank you. My hope is that road rage man does not actually kill people while driving one day. Odd how a short trip to the store has made me a little afraid to drive now. I am now more aware of my surroundings while driving.

  9. Whoa! What an arsehole. Hope you’re feeling better.

  10. First off, glad you are doing ok and yes people are fools especially when you add in heat like here in Arizona…. But the smart ass in my must point out something….. You wrote>>>

    The man almost ran me off the road. He then pulled up beside me on a two lane road (in the oncoming traffic lane) and screamed, “you are a fat f-ing whore!.” I am not fat and I was very scared.

    You deny the fat but not the whore??? :-) I’m just kidding but it made me laugh…

    Hang in there!


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