20 Ways to Drive Your Parents Crazy

  1. Reposition the driver’s seat of their car everyday.
  2. “Accidentally” send them a really strange text, that makes them think, “what the ____?”
  3. Place condoms in your drawer.
  4. Write something fictional & crazy in your journal. Let them find your journal.
  5. Leave your Facebook open and post a photo or a post that makes them think you are a homosexual (if you are straight).
  6. Tell your parents the voices in your head told you to join the Army.
  7. Put cat food outside and draw all the stray cats to your house.
  8. Stay out past curfew. When asked where you were say, “playing truth or dare with college kids.”
  9. Hide undergarments of the opposite gender somewhere in your room (where they will look).
  10. Put a password on your Smartphone and do not tell them the password, no matter the punishment.
  11. Turn the TV (if you are straight) to the lesbian/gay channel right before they get ready to watch TV.
  12. Use their credit card (if they allow you to) to buy any strange item. An item that will make them think, “what is going on?”
  13. Turn the dial on their watch right before they go to work.
  14. Place items in your house in different places (this drives me nuts).
  15. Change all the set radio channels on their car stereo.
  16. Change the time on the car radio.
  17. Set their cell phone alarm to sound at 3:00 a.m. one night (this drives me nuts too).
  18. Tell them your career plans are to become an actor/actress, and skip college.
  19. Pull up the craziest websites you can find on your parents laptop, so the pages appear in the internet history.
  20. Write on the family calendar, “appointment at Planned Parenthood” on any upcoming date.

Note: This post is only for humour purposes. I am not advising anyone to do any of the above items. You are reading this post at your own risk.

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  1. Brilliant! Shame my mother’s sat right next to me and saw the title of the post :D lol

    • I wanted to write a few humour posts, as I haven’t written that many. Thank you for all of your comments. I really appreciate it. Your writing is spectacular. I will visit your blog and comment on your recent posts later tonight.

      Best Regards,


  2. This post reminds me of that time when my late father found my crotchless panties in my glove compartment. I forgot they were in there. He was is utter shock. He cursed and those panties down so fast. I couldn’t wear those panties anymore after that experience. LMAO!!!

  3. @Nisha – How embarassing? How in the world did you explain that one? I would be so embarassed, would probably pass out!

  4. hahahahahahahahahha- great one

    • Thank you. I was a little apprehensive when writing this post. My better half said it was too crazy for my blog. I thought it was funny. I am not that great at writing humor posts. Guess my sense of humor is different perhaps? The teens enjoyed the post. :)


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