Useless Fact #34

Are you a procrastinator (like me)?

Try making a list of short-term goals. The list should include your goals for the next six months.

Write a date beside each goal. Complete the goal by that date.

Tape the list to your bathroom mirror. Each day, the list will be a reminder as you are getting ready for the day.

I learned this from my aunt. She is a brilliant woman. Thank you Aunt Deb.

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  1. It’s all pretty good! Just wish we could move to a warmer climate… In time… Be patient.

  2. Some of us don’t look in the bathroom mirror – or get ready for the day……

    • Or can actually see early in the morning. You know, the zombie effect lasts longer for some of us xD.

      • Well then, how about somewhere you will see it each day? On the back cover of your laptop perhaps? LoL

        • Maybe I’ll just stick it on the glass of my glasses, so it’s on sight every day, all day… Of course, then I wouldn’t see… Hm, I’ll have to think about it.

          • @Mila – Your sense of humor is funny. Well, I think you would have to see for the day or you may get injured. How about placing the six month, short term goals list on the wall in the restroom? The restroom that you use most of the time.

      • Oh, I am by no means a morning person either. I like to stay up late and wake up late. Always liked working 2nd or 3rd shift.

        I am a huge procrastinator, that is the reason for this post. It drives most people nuts.


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