Boob Racism

Are you 5’8″ tall, blonde and have huge boobs? Well, if you aren’t, pray your car doesn’t break down in my state. People in my state will not help strangers, unless they look like a model.

Charlize Theron: United States Actress and Model
Do you look like Charlize? If not, do not ask for help in my state. You would have to drive one state south in order for folks to help you!

Good luck if your car breaks down in a snow storm, you would most likely die. People are rude, crude and will not help strangers (in my state). However, I have seen others try to help women who look like models. The “model type” didn’t even need help!

I live in the northern part of the United States. People in my area are so arrogant, it drives me crazy. I went to the store today and a woman had the audacity to say to me, “next time you have a time limit.” Well, excuse me b*tch, do you see that I am limping around with a hurt ankle and foot? I was raised with southern hospitality. My family is from the south. I say “hi” to passers-by. They never say “hi” back. I am about ready to pack everything and move one state south. The people one state south of mine are much nicer. I have literally traveled each state over and the people are so different.

Does everyone in my state think they are better than everyone else? Most people here are from the south, is what I cannot understand. Are people not raising their children with general politeness? I will help any stranger on the street – always have. My parents raised me with the logic that there are times strangers need help.

For example I have (not tooting my horn, trying to make a point):

  • Drove a battered woman to a shelter with her children
  • Filled up a strangers gas tank, she had no money
  • Given money to strangers
  • Gave money to the homeless on the streets in the city (including Washington D.C.). Why are there so many homeless people in the United States Capital? The homeless live in a park one block away from the Capital! What is up with that? Do you not see the homeless American politicians as you drive by them on the way to the Library of Congress? The homeless rate in D.C. is staggering! U.S. Politicians – you drive by them in your limousines and just look the other way. Shame on American politicians!
  • Loaned money to people at work
  • Gave food to my friends
  • Payed my friend’s cell phone bills
  • Fed Children in my neighborhood that were hungry
  • Fixed a friend’s car
  • Helped strangers when their car broke down

People sometimes need help. American culture has taught us to stay away from “strangers.” Hello America, every single person you do not know is a stranger! What if your car breaks down in an ice storm? Who will help you? A stranger!

It is our duty to help people in need, when they need our help. A stranger may need help.

America – every single stranger you meet is not a killer, rapist, or psychopath. That crap they taught you in school was just to scare you as a child.

Let’s get some southern hospitality here in the northern states.

Narcissism is a term with a wide range of meanings, depending on whether it is used to describe a central concept of psychoanalytic theory, a mental illness, a social or cultural problem, or simply a personality trait. Except in the sense of primary narcissism or healthy self-love, “narcissism” usually is used to describe some kind of problem in a person or group’s relationships with self and others. In everyday speech, “narcissism” often means egoism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others. In psychology, the term is used to describe both normal self-love and unhealthy self-absorption due to a disturbance in the sense of self.

Are people rude in your state?

Do people help strangers where you live?

Does your culture believe in helping strangers?

A homeless woman sitting at a monument in Wash...

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  1. i was having a very similar conversation to this with hubby yesterday i was in the chemist , a place where surely you would think they would help someone on crutches but no two assistants stood there chatting but looking right at me and did not offer to help ma as i struggled with 2 crutches and trying to carry a photo frame i was so angry but being english i didnt complain well not to them but poor hubby got to hear all about it i am still of a mind to go back in and put in a complaint to the manager ! i get so mad when people dont even remember basic manners i go to great lengths to make sure all my children even those that face difficulties have good manners, yet i encounter no manners when i go out, in fact it is scary going down the town now, and we live in a littles seaside town in north england so i think this general lack of empathy or compassion is happening in more than a few places it is certainly not isolated :( sad to say i dont know what happened or it was always this and and we didnt notice til now , i still hope though that you have a lovely day tomorrow :) xx

    • @ Kizzylee – Guess the narcissism issue has become more apparant to me now since the hurt foot and ankle. Went to the store and purchased heavy groceries. The clerk could see I cannot walk properly. The bagger should have offered to help me to my car. I refuse to dress like a porn star in my stupid state. However, if I were wearing a halter top that showed off my breasts, the bagger would have gladly helped me to my car. I hope this narcissism is not a world-wide issue. People should be aware of the handicapped or people on crutches, and provide more assistance. My husband heard all about it, as yours did, great minds think alike!

  2. Politicians are all the same, they look the other way in all cultures.
    I always find it weird how in my village strangers will nod at one another and say ‘hi’ as they pass but as soon as you go nearer the town/city if you even look at a stranger they glare at you suspiciously as if to say ‘I don’t know you, freak’. It’s sad how the modern world discourages helping strangers, with everyone so wrapped up in their own lives.
    Of course there are still nice people who will offer help where needed, to anyone regardless of age, gender, disability ect but unfortunately there are those who will neither give nor accept help as they fear people’s motives.
    Hope your foot feels better soon :D

    • People in my “stupid” state in the U.S., seem to have lost the “nice” gene through the years. I think it is due to the, “strangers are bad” publicity. Yes, of course some strangers are bad. There are strangers that do actually need help, and have zero bad motives. I have been stuck in a few strange situations where I needed help. The people in my state would not help me. In those instances, I had to keep calling family members to come and assist me. I would sometimes have to wait for hours. Ridiculous, when a stranger could have helped me and I would have been back home in 20 minutes.

    • @mystudentstruggles – it is odd how people can be so different, but only live a short distance apart.

  3. Talking about boobs, two of my favourite things.

    A post about the difference between small-breasts-v-large-breasts how they can help or hinder and woman :)

  4. Are people rude in your state? No never. Except Americans who are to loud.

    Do people help strangers where you live? Always.

    Does your culture believe in helping strangers? Always.

  5. Well, I think people are a little of both here in Michigan. You bump into both kinds on a trip to the store, however, my wife is a native Californian and has been here six years. She noted long ago with me how much more friendly people are here. Strangers even say howdy to strangers, as do I. I never thought it was different. She has pointed to many differences in the cultures of the two states. You’ve got nice folks and buttheads everywhere, really…

  6. If i was aboard, we are going in 4 weeks, i would expect help if i’m lost or looking for some thing or some where. Because we here always give help.

  7. Compassion for all regardless of boobage does seem to be available here in the Pacific Northwest, but let me add another two cents for your consideration. In my experience there’s more kindness and desire to be proactively helpful in small towns than in big ones. Where there are fewer resources, it compels people to rely on each other more. I didn’t find Seattle to be any better than Chicago or San Francisco or New York, but the small towns I lived in as a child in Iowa, and now Port Townsend are full of people who will go out of their way to give you a hand.

    • @Mikey – I live in a small town. That is the sad part.

      • Indeed that is sad. I’ve lived in places that didn’t fit too. Is it the wrong small town for you?

        • @Mikey – I grew up here. I don’t think it is the town because I have traveled all over the state (for a prior job) and people have the same demeanor all across the state. Not every person, but the majority. I would love to move one state south.

          The rudeness trait has been passed down through the generations. The trait is learned from environmental influences.

          Deleted the rest of this comment – for a blog post in the future (maybe).

  8. Down here? Definetly, yup. That is, if you find someone who speaks your same language, in case you don’t speak spanish.
    But I guess they’ll try to help you with hand signs if you find good enough people.

    Interesting subject, though. That view of all strangers being dangerous is pretty bad for a country that seeks unity; and thoughts like this are usually highened in times of economical and social crisis. This CAN lead to pretty ugly situations.

    I hope it all goes down smoothly, though.


    • @Mila – Well, at least the people in your area would try to help. A person could be having a health issue in public here and people would ignore it. They would most likely say, “not my business.”

      You made some great points on the subject. You are right, It can be dangerous when people do not help

      I am sure my state is not the only area of the U.S. to have this issue. I do not know because I haven’t needed (urgent) help when traveling to other states. I will visit and comment asap. It is nice to get your point of view on posts. :)

      • It’d surely be interesting to have some kind of social experiments in different parts of the world, to see what kind of reactions people have when seeing strangers in need of help!

        And it’s my pleasure, Liz. Great article ^^

  9. You’re a kind-hearted soul. Here, in South-East England, people generally don’t talk to strangers and many don’t even know their next-door neighbours, especially in the towns. My excuse is that most people on my road don’t speak much English. Generally, though, I put it down to a lack of social cohesion (it’s multi-ethnic and people move about a great deal) and overcrowding. However, if you travel further west and north, you’ll find much friendlier folk. So if you do ever visit England, give Yorkshire or Devon a try – they have more traditional values there.

    • @spideron – It’s a shame to have to live in an area with rude people. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I will stop by your blog later tonight and comment. :)


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