That’s too much, WordPress!

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English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s too much, WordPress!.

Click on the link above to view this post regarding the WordPress Showcase Forums that were recently deleted.

I have to admit, I did break the rules on the forums on several occasions due to well…everyone who went to the forums knows why..still the Showcase Forums tripled my traffic. I spent alot of time posting links to this blog.

The Showcase Forum gave WP Bloggers a sense of community.

It was an opportunity for experienced bloggers to help new WP bloggers. If it weren’t for that forum, I would have left WP at the beginning and went to Tumblr or Blogger. There were several experienced bloggers that I found who gave me a tremendous amount of great advice.

TimeThief and Invisible Mikey – I never would have found these two sites if it were not for the Showcase Forums. These two experienced bloggers are a tremendous help to “newbies,” and many other writers.

We shall behave…Please bring back the Showcase Forum WordPress.


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  1. I can’t say about whether it was helpful for new bloggers as I had five years behind me from blogger when I restarted my WP blogs, but I certainly miss both Showcase and Off Topic.

    • Sorry, forgot to add, when the categories changed from the magazine format to reader format, I used those two forums as my main place to find interesting blogs. Like yours.

      • @roughseasinthemed – the prior format was better I agree. I have used the new reader very little. It just seems so slow. People don’t have that much time to find blogs. WP just does not seem right without the Showcase Forum. I really have not visited any new blogs since they closed it down. Bad mistake to close that forum. Many bloggers will go to Tumblr I think.

    • @Roughseasinthemed – I didn’t use the reader. I found new blogs in the Showcase forum. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to use the reader, regularly. I guess I do not really like the way it is set up. It is too slow for me too.

  2. i didnt even know they had forums i dont tend to bother with such places anyways but by all means wordpress bring them back for my friend liz :) have a brilliant day liz xx

    • @KizzyLee – Yes, I have to give unwanted advice on the forums. :) Everyone loves my advice (not). My advice could be the reason WP shut it down (joking).

  3. Hmmm, never used the forums, but can see why some are agitated by the loss. I suppose trolls such as those on YouTube may have helped in the demise. WordPress is so much better than many competing blog platforms, I hope it stays as good as it is.

  4. I received a ton of help and traffic from the Showcase forum. I too found new and interesting blogs there. Bring back the Showcase forum

  1. Liz’s Off-Topic Forum « ec·cen·tric

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