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  1. LizEccentric7

     /  August 12, 2012

    Place a link and description here:

  2. If you’ve got any interest in peanut butter try this: or this:

    And just in case your allergic, here’s my shortest post ever written:

    • @myhonestself – really enjoyed your blog. I commented, liked, and now following. The recipe was genius! I am trying it tomorrow. The other articles were interesting too.


    Would love opinions on my next button art piece! I’m picking between Hemingways. I’ve done Marilyn pop art with minimal success, and Frida Kahlo a bunch better, but now I’m stumped which photo to choose. This is finished Frida so you can see what I mean.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks – will check it out and comment. ASAP. :)

    • @mrsdeboots – I visited your blog and left feedback. Please feel free to delete my feedback comment. I appreciate you leaving a link. I think you are a great writer, and I will drop by and see your new posts in the future.

      • Thank you so much! You are AWESOME. As I said in my reply, no idea what I’m doing, so your comments are beyond helpful. I look forward to tonight, when I will be able to take the time to appt your advice.

        • Well, I feel like your writing skills are way beyond what you are posting. Remember: Readers may not follow every post, so every post shoud be written as if they have just stopped by your site for the first time (my opinion). Most readers do not follow blogs regularly. They stop here and there…some do, but it’s rare. A blogroll is super important…those are regular readers and commenters. The blogroll makes the blogging world go round and round. Blogroll, about page, and page loading are probably the most important things to start with, the about page makes people see you are actually a person, and not a spammer. There are many spammers trying to sell things.

          I prefer an “about page” with a photo. It makes me feel like I am commenting to a real person, and not a robot spammer.

  4. Anyone is welcome to read my blog here on wordpress – theclaustrophobicintrovert. Warning: contains profanity from time to time, as this is just me removing my mind clutter. Comments are welcome. My latest post is

    • Thank you – will stop by.

    • @thecaustrophobicintrovert – I commented on your post, but my comment did not show up right away, and it was NOT in moderation. Are your discussion settings set correctly? People will not comment unless the comments are held in moderation or show up right away. This was really frustrating to me, and made me wonder if you are a spammer. I typed all of those comments, but couldn’t see them, nor were they in moderation. Don’t have time to type comments that just disappear, due to discussion settings being set incorrectly (sorry for being so blunt).

      Anyone else have any suggestions for the above site? Liz’s Forum is for feedback, help and advice for other bloggers.

      • The above blog “aclaustrophobicintrovert” is not a spammer. I visit her site often and comment, love the articles.
        Her discussion settings were not working properly, when I made the above comment.

  5. I have started a blog about my new favorite addiction, subscription boxes. I also write about coupons, freebies, good deals, etc. Take a look!

  6. Anybody want to stop by and read about real life. Come on to

    Hey Liz I tried to make that a link but I apparently don’t know how. Could you shoot me a pointer please?

  7. Hi LizEccentric 7: My name is Liz as well. Correction, it is Liz Gray, not Liz Aswell (lol!). I have 3 blogs, but would love to share my Liz Logic site here w/you. I’m another Liz, a woman in her 40′s! Here’s EVEN another Liz I wrote about. I have yet to find a “Liz” who wasn’t humorous and fascinating in some relatively obscure way. Keep blogging and embrace any “inner weird” you possess. Looking forward to reading your blog as well!

    • @Liz – your blogs sound interesting and thank you for the compliment. It’s always nice to meet other Liz’s in the world. :)

  8. Hi LizEccentric7, many thanks for stopping by my blog and ‘liking’ all the posts. Also, thanks for clicking the ‘Follow’ button. Loved the serendipitous nature of yours. Look forward to future posts.

    • I will read your posts and comment, just I have my own rule that I never comment on a post, unless read the whole post in it’s entirety. I know it can be aggravating, but it’s just my own blogging rule…will stop by later tonight, read and comment, thoughtfully. :)

    • – left suggestions on this blog. I don’t know what to say, there is so much work to be done here on this one, cannot list it all…left all my comments on your blog. Not digging it as it is right now, sorry. Hard to navigate and too hard to locate actual posts and way too much disorganization for Liz. The truth is harsh, sorry, but I had to work on eccentric for literally months and months to get it organized, it does not happen in a day. I changed themes a ton of times, changed writing, did research…Blogging requires hard work and much thought, and much research. Blogging is not like just going to school and writing a paper.
      The two are completely different – as I found out the hard way…. I am no expert, but if I cannot even locate a post within about 10 seconds, clicking off the page, and going to a new blog to comment, that’s just me.

      Harsh, I know, but truth, noonetheless….

    • Hi. My name is Brandy and I am a former victim of Liz’s spontaneous freedom of speech used with razor precision in the dismembering of my ego. :)

      Actually, Liz and I ruined each other’s week more or less, made total asses of ourselves, and unfortunately for Liz it all began from her sincere feedback to my sincere lack of blogging experience. It was sincerely brutal.

      But I think what Liz is trying to suggest here is that your blog appears to lack any sort of structure whatsoever, making it immensely difficult to navigate and even more difficult to find common ground between you and your reader.

      First, are you a person or a collective of various authors? Do you have a specific intention behind your blog? I did my best to follow your train of thought but found no single train of thought within your articles. The topic of everything I read seemed to be quite technical in nature. Technical articles must possess a deep marriage of organization and human-ness in order to remain relevant to a broader audience.

      For example, when each post begins with an identical icon or picture but the post itself has no sort of them (especially since each of your articles are not listed anywhere on your site, as well as being titled simply with capitalized title words but not a clickable link) a new reader will immediately feel confused and disoriented, and you will have lost a valuable connection.

      Being as it is so challenging for me to process technical writing — specifically about topics that don’t interest me much — it was frustrating trying to figure out whether you are a person or a spammer, whether you were simply blogging to fill your down time or to satisfy some inner need for an outlet, whether your blog theme is causing your site to appear so jumbled up and redundant or that’s just your personal style.

      I would advise you to brush aside any ill feelings you might have felt after reading Liz’s feedback; I speak from experience when I say that once you get past that harsh, b*tchy edge she gets on occasion, you’ll be blown away by the genuinely helpful contributions she will bring to the table.

      If it seemed like Liz was telling you that you suck, she wasn’t. She gets testy from time to time, but if you can ignore the urge to feel offended you will grow your blog to a better, more effective and purposeful place to connect with intelligent people (unless you’re actually a spammer, then you actually do suck,) ;)

      If it isn’t a front for some spamming scheme, I would suggest making your blog private until you have re-structured it (or should I say pre-structured it?)… You will lose potential followers every day that your blog remains as is, and people who recognize your name/gravatar are unlikely to re-visit twice.

      Additionally, why would anyone’s comments disappear? I’ll tell you right now that’s why Liz developed a somewhat dismissive tone. There is too much fluff and filler from too many bogus blogs written by deadbeat liars who spend their spare time creating false forums for privacy violations, posing on the form of some type of actual blog.

      If you’re legit, please don’t dream about punching me in the earlobe later. I came bearing peace, I took time to elaborate on the chance you might appreciate some feedback, but either way the ball is back in your court. I surrender this soapbox and wish you well. :)

  9. I have two new posts I would love feedback on. Ones is a poem and the other is a life event.

    The first link is the life event that happened Friday. The link below is the Poem. It’s the first I’ve tried to right in a while so any feedback is welcome.

  10. Liz I’ve missed you, your comments, your articles, your rants, your emotion – all of it!! I feel guilty, you’ve added me to your blogroll just at the same time that I’ve taken a blog break….back to school, kids, life, etc has all gotten in the way but trust me I’ve got recipes (more with peanut butter & wraps!!!) and many thoughts to continue sharing. I’ll be back! I can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with over the last week while I’ve been gone!!!

    • That’s ok, most people are on a blogging break right now, then they usually go back to blogging much more in the winter time. Sort of a summertime blogging schedule, is the norm in the blogosphere.

    First post of my new blog, 3 posts following, creating a beggining of a story. please have a look :)

  12. Liz!!! Beneath your “tell it like it is” style you are definitely kind and caring. Thanks for checking in on me! I am indeed fine (kind of!!) but have not been blogging lately. I’ve so many fantastic recipes and experiences to share but nothing has managed to make it past my drafts box lately. In short, there have been many issues and challenges to overcome in the last few months, nothing serious just personal obstacles but I’m working on them. Will be back to blogging soon!!! As you can probably tell, I still check my dashboard often. Thanks for thinking of me :)

    • Hope things get better for you keep in mind the page can be daunting, but if you can get passed the first sentence, the rest is easy.

      All you have to do with those drafts is hit “publish.”

      Writing doesn’t have to be perfect grammar or spelling wise, all a blog post needs is the writers personality and opinions, and passion.

      You have a wonderful personality, it shows on your blog.

      I don’t know what your going through but keep in mind the blog can be a great way to get advice on everyday problems, as bloggers are super intelligent.

      Blogging about a life problem can also be a way to vent in a healthy way.

      If you are comfortable discussing the issues online.

      Bloggers are able to give me some of the best advice on some of my life issues, even though they do not know me personally.

      • I believe this message came to me on the most perfect day – or the day it was intended to! You wrote this on Oct 12 but I’ve not returned until today when your encouraging words were MUCH needed!!! You are so right – the advice and support that can be given online is wonderful and perhaps because people don’t know each other personally. There are no preconceived notions, judgments, or expectations. You are the perfect example – you take what you can see/read and give your exact thoughts whether someone likes them or not!! :) Your also right, it is the biggest struggle to just get past the first few words. I know once I get past them there will be stories and thoughts flowing again but lately they have been bottled up – and it’s definitely not a healthy way of dealing with things!!! Your compliments have definitely touched me Liz, thank you so much! Not even words can explain how meaningful they were to me today. Words can’t explain but of course a picture can – check my gravatar photo, that’s me right now thanks to you :)

        • @myhonestself – Wonderful! Yes, if you look at my “River of Denial” post — note how I vented and it was very personal, but the comments helped me and I received wonderful advice from people outside of my little part of the world.
          People on the outside of a problem can often analyze and give advice that is not biased in anyway, as they don’t know you personally.
          You can always start another, anonymous, free WordPress blog to vent…and keep one for professional or other posts.
          —MANY people have several blogs just for the purpose to vent and get advice.
          —When you take a long writing break, will take practice to get back in the game.
          Practice in writing is important.

          Don’t know what to write?

          Did you meet someone interesting today?

          Tell us about it.

          Did you learn something cool and new?

          Tell us about it.

          Did you have a PMS moment that was crazy as hell, but so crazy it was funny?

          Tell us about it.

          Are you having an odd thought?

          Tell us about it?

          Wondering things in your mind, that you would love to discuss?

          Ask the questions…WP people love to think about thinking and talk about thinking about thinking about thinking…even me…Love writing or discussing philosophy or any other odd thoughts.

          Just a few tips!

          Love your Gravatar and your positively endearing comments!


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