Prescription Drugs: The Untold Story



There once was a woman who had a wonderful life. She took her doctor’s advice and starting taking a prescription. The prescription caused a bad reaction. This woman did very neurotic things while on the drug. The meds clouded her judgement, and made everything seem surreal, almost like taking the drug “acid” back in the 1970′s.

She made many mistakes during the 90 days on the prescription. Her family found out about the mistakes and has decided never to speak to her again. The woman realized it was the medication, she stopped taking it. Her family still refuses to speak to her at all. This woman lost:


This was all due to a bad reaction to a medication. The doctor is a good doctor and did schedule consultations every few weeks, while on the medication. However, the women was so busy working she did not have time to meet with the physician.

The family still will not forgive the woman for the stupid/idiotic things she did while on the new medication.

So, that is the story….forgiveness is not always easy to come by…she lost her mother, father, sister and everyone that she loved due to being on a medication for 90 days. This particular medication is very strong, with many side effects. She knew nothing about this, so this medication ruined this women’s life within 90 days. It made her judgement blurred and had a bad reaction, unlike a normal person. The reaction was rare, but has occurred with other people in the drug trials.

Presently, this woman has no sister, mother, or father or any other family because while on the meds she did stupid things as her judgement was not clear. Her family is refusing to speak to her. She has lost everything, due to a bad reaction from a medication.

The woman is not taking the medication now, and is aware of the errors. However, the family refuses to accept her apology and has essentially cut her out of their lives. So, a bad reaction to a medication, ruined her life.  No forgiveness, nothing. No talking, no calling, nothing. Lost everything, over a medication for 90 days. She has no family and no friends…noone…due to a bad reaction to a prescription medication. That stays in the system for a long time. Keep in mind, now that she is off the meds, the family doesn’t care and still refuses to speak to her, or friends.  They will not forgive the woman.

Moral: Be careful what medications you take, they can ruin your entire life, within 90 short days, if you have a bad reaction.

90 days of one medication = ruined her entire life

Have you had a bad experience with prescription medications?


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  1. What a nightmare. It’s difficult to imagine (for me) that one of my sibs or my mom could do anything that I couldn’t forgive them for, particularly if it were due to a medication & not due to a deliberate thought process.

    If I were the doctor, and I knew about the reaction and it’s repercussions, I would feel duty bound to at least attempt to contact the woman’s family and corroborate her story, so that her family was aware that the woman is telling the truth about the drug’s side effects..

    Was this an anxiety/depression drug? Years ago I was on Paxil. It was with good intent that the doctor put me on it – but I was not told the truth about potential side effects. While it didn’t destroy my life, it was horrible, and this non-addictive drug took me months to wean from because it literally made me sick & almost non-functioning. Very scary stuff.

    • @claustrophobicontrovert – She has the paper that shows the dates she was on the medication, but even after stopping it, the medicine remains in the system a very long time.

      So she acted fruity a month after stopping the meds (still were in system).

      She showed the paper to the family, they don’t believe her because even after she stopped, still like she was on acid from the 1970′s for a month. The meds take a while to leave your system. So, family does not believe her or friends.

      She said bad things and did stupid things.

      Mainly, it was words she said while on the drug. She said mean things and acted like a 21 year old in college, as the drug had an “acid” like reaction. Not a normal reaction for people.

      It made her feel like she was 21, and could do whatever she wanted and say whatever she wanted and like life was surreal.

  2. Very sad commentary but even worse very true. I believe there are more of us who know someone with a similar story than we are willing to admit. Maybe not as dramatic examples as this one, but sad nonetheless. Remember, it is the PRACTICE of medicine…..practice being the important word. Keep on going.

    • @wellcallmecrazy – she (have to speak this way for personal reasons) knows it was her fault, not the doctor. He did ask her to check in often, but the drug made her forget things and it made her think everything was great, when it was the opposite. She was in surreal land.

      It was just odd. Made her moody and just a really strange thing. She was up down and up down. Happy and sad. Happy and sad.

      No wonder people just decided to cut her out of their lives, they couldn’t understand the ups and downs for that period of time.

  3. Prescription drugs are hard to think about because they all have positive and negative side effects. If you take an Anti-Depressant, you may feel happier, but you may feel suicidal or have sexual dysfunction. Narcotics are the best drugs, I think, for doing exactly what they are prescribed for. Only thing, they are highly addictive. A buddy of mine was a Fireman and on his way up in society, then he got into as little care accident. He was prescribed a low dose Vicodin. Five years later, his life is ruled by Hydrocodone and Anti-Anxiety medicines. Like Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. My thoughts.

    • @Time-Traveler – This drug is a highly prescribed drug, so you wouldn’t think a person would have such side affects, but each person’s reaction to any prescription medications are different. In this case, it was a very bad reaction. It created an unreal life, almost like she could do whatever she wanted with zero negative reactions. The only way to explain, is if you ever studied the 1970′s, and the “love” era, and woodstock, that is the only way to explain the euphoria created by the drug for her. She didn’t realize the negative affects. The only reason she realized it was the prescription meds was due to God. God gets the credit, because no memories of the prior day or anything, so it was just a realization that came from God one day, that the meds were causing such a psychosis.
      Credit goes to God for her stopping the meds, all at one time – which are HIGHLY ADDICTIVE MEDS. She did not realize the meds were so highly addictive, until upon stopping them, she did research on the affects. She just figured that the doctor knew what he was doing…he did, but in this case it had an adverse reaction, unlike a normal person. Perhaps due to geneology, not sure… I can understand how Vicodin could ruin a life, it is so addictive.

      Prescription drug addiction in America has skyrocketed. Many people have died from overdose, it ruins lives.
      You are correct, for every single action there is a reaction. That is for sure.

  4. Oh! And the doctors do know what the drugs they prescribe do to people. They did not attend years and years of extra school doing nothing.

    • @Time-Traveler – you may be onto something here, because I have done a bit of research that does suggest some doctors prescribe highly addictive meds to patients to help out the drug companies – who make millions upon people being addicted to prescriptions. The doctors seem to have a “deal” with the drug companies. Alot of famous people have died from prescription drug overdose here in America, so it’s not like people do not know of the issue. One prescription drug can ruin an entire life – and that is no joke.

      She is lucky she did not die in a bad part of town, as the drug caused her to have zero fear of anything. She felt like Superwoman.

  5. This is such a heartbreaking story. I can see where people might have a hard time understanding how severely prescription can alter a person and how long they take to leave the system. Is it me or are stories about the devastating effects of prescription drugs becoming more common? In my opinion doctors are too willing to prescribe serious drugs with a whole host of side effects. I hope this woman’s family one day understands what this woman went through and give her the love and support she needs.

    It is great that you shared this woman’s story, hopefully it will bring attention to the dangers of prescription drugs.

    • Well, it’s a common story, but felt it worthy of writing. Not my best writing, but still the drug companies in America have a lot of power with lobbying groups in D.C., which perhaps a future posts…hmmm. So excited for you! :) I don’t know if I could handle being on FP. Don’t think I could keep up with hundreds of comments and thousands of followers…. :) Great writing I hope you intend on going into journalism, that’s for sure. You have skills Rebecca. Your photo made your blog so much more human, amazing what one photo can do? :)

      • It is a sadly common story, but definitely deserved to be written about.

        Thank you! I am excited too (and also terrified). I am waiting for the bomb to drop. You are totally right -the photo changed everything! I had never really thought about journalism, but I will definitely start thinking about it. :)

        • Hope you have an Iphone with the WP app to answer comments, or a fast smartphone with the WP app, thats the only advice I can give becauss you will have to answer those comments fast, and they will come in so fast, it’s hard to keep up…I have seen people struggle to keep up…. Oh, how exciting… :)

          • That is great advice. I will load up on the coffee and keep my laptop on hand!

            I hope the boost in followers/views goes to you too, but not so much that it makes you overwhelmed or stressed!

  6. Prescription drugs are no joke. Look at all the celebrities dying from them! Just because a doctor says it’s okay, doesn’t mean it’ not dangerous like cocaine.

    • That’s is for sure, haven’t looked up the stats on people who have overdosed or died from them…sure it’s alot. It’s sad many of the teens in my area I found out are taking the drug Adderal to remain thin, it makes their teeth fall out sometimes from not eating, I was shocked when I found out. Those drugs were not around when I was a teen. I guess they want to be as thin as possible, and they say it makes them not eat at all (I don’t know). I heard it is highly addictive too.


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