Blogging Challenge: Can You Win?

Challenge: Write a report/essay/informational post on an important event in history or historical person.

Winners: Eccentric will promote the post on eccentric’s front page as “sticky” for one month and put you on the blogroll as a “10″ spot indefinitely. What does this mean? Increased traffic and comments for your blog. You will also receive an award and be able to post it to the sidebar of your blog.

To enter the challenge: Write the post (please read earlier post on eccentric “report posts vs. Wikipedia”), Then place a link at the end of your post to Eccentric, if you do not see the link show up in the comments section, please send me a comment with a link to your post.

Placement of the link immediately notifies me, and your post will be reviewed the same day.

Winners: The winner will be chosen on October 1.

Happy blogging, hopefully this challenge gives some new writing ideas!

Challenge Cup trophy

Writing Challenge

Happy Blogging!

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  1. Hi Liz. No, no problems at all, I did say earlier that I was on summer hours for my blogging, ie reduced posts, (I’m running at one a week at the moment) and I would try and get round to comment on other blogs. I’ve been offline some of the time too, plus when on-line I’m sorting out a couple of my other blogs. And for that reason, I don’t think I will have the time to enter your history challenge which is a real shame as there is so much to write about here.

  2. What a great idea!! This is totally on my to do list and fingers crossed I get to it! I’ve already got a fantastic thesis :) Thanks Liz!

    • @myhonestself – Well haven’t seen any blogging challenges lately I liked so figured why not do my own here on this site? History is a challenge that’s for sure, especially if it’s a dark period, war etc. I enjoy choosing a person in history and writing about them, makes me learn to research and write. :)

  3. This is such a good challenge. I really hope I have time to write something good enough to submit to you. Whenever I do get the chance to write about a historical event or person, I will be sure to credit you for inspiring me to do so because that will be the truth. I had a feeling you were a history buff! I can’t wait to see the winning post!

    • @Rebecca – you have it right, I am a history nerd, me and the hubby both are, although he is the person that inspires me to think about history. History posts and posts about historical people really get the brain moving…I am entering the challenge myself, although – may have to extend out the deadline a week, it takes a long time to write a history post or a post on an important person in history.

      Love writing on crazy people in history – the research is interesting to me.

      Cannot wait to read your post Rebecca.

      • Crazy people are definitely some of the most interesting people to research. If you have time and interest, Antonin Artaud (French director/playwright) is fascinating person to learn about. He is somewhere between a lunatic and a genius. I am looking forward to your post – I am sure it is going to be amazing!

        • Crazy people are some of the most interesting people, even very smart people like the some of the people that created software and other giant companies – some of them are actually historical people (or will be), that are/were genious and crazy at the same time.

          Crazy, genious people are so fun to research and to write about, never heard of the man you mentioned, going to have to look him up on Wiki.

  4. If I were not starting school again this week I would for sure get on this. Look forward to checking out the results. Thanks for the invite.

    • Oh, well the challenge is always a good writing idea because it makes the brain work hard, helps people to learn, and helps bring in traffic from Google and Bing – which makes for interesting discussions on the history or the historical person… especially, if the person you are writing about is a crazy person from history. Those type of posts seem to bring in loads of traffic, even if no comments…guess because crazy people are pretty interesting, and there are at present some nutty dictators in the world. The “crazies” of the past, give us a glimpse as to what a single “nutty” dictator can do…even in present day.

  5. I read this post when I was on holiday and had a plan to write something once I got home, unfortunately I had quite a busy week and so nothing actually got done. I don’t know if you noticed I stopped updating every day for the past couple of weeks? Anyway, I take it this challenge has finished now? If you do another one I will make time and won’t let myself get distracted by things like making cushions (which was what I’ve been doing for the past two days :D )

  6. @ Readers : This writing challenge has been extended until October 1.

    Due to the fact that writing such reports take much time to research, write, edit, photos and post.

  7. Well, I regret seeing this just now. I’ll see if I can write something for that deadline, and if not, I’ll upload it anyways ^^. After all, historic posts are something Block Usado is about as well.

  8. Well, it’s done –
    Hope you enjoy, I haven’t written anything historical since I was 16 (and then it was for exams). I tried to make it informative but not too formal as I don’t want to bore people :D
    Have you got any links to any others? I want to have a read of some :)

    • Loved it! Had no idea Henry VIII was such a crazy, and psychotic man!

      Great post and the research looks like it was a ton of work, well written. Koodos to you.

      • Not the sort of thing you can bash out in an afternoon :)

        • These types of reports can take a long time, think when I posted the “Vlad, The Impaler” report. The research took a while and then I edited the post about 10 times trying to add some personal opinions (which I am not used to adding in a report), but is ok in the blogosphere although some profs don’t like opinions in reports.


          • I suppose I shy away from being too opinionated in historical reports because fact is fact. But I’m still programmed to leave out opinions because I’m too used to school :D lol

            • Can understand that, seems like some profs programmed my brain, ha ha. Actually, some profs did try to push their beliefs or politics on the class, thought that to be aggravating, and unprofessional.

              Profs trying to push beliefs and politics on students, is commonplace in the United States.

  9. Apologies for late judging of this challenge…looks like (2) entries. I will review both again now……may take a bit. Glad at least a few people tried the challenge! :)

  10. Winner Chosen! Mystudentstruggles is the winner! Her article about the crazy man that was Henry VIII won this blog challenge!

    To view her article go to:

    Thank you everyone for entering, reading and commenting.

    This was quite the challenge!

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