Welcome New Readers!

Letter to new readers of Eccentric:

First, hello and thank you for reading, welcome!

Your first thoughts when reading my comments (if you are a new reader) may be this:

“Liz is full of shit, that cannot be true.”

Wanted to give you some insight as to the whys and hows of how I am able to respond with lengthy comments and phrases from books in such a quick fashion.

I have read a ton of books, watched a ton of documentaries on all subjects.

Read so many books on:
American history

Well, like my grandfather, when he and I read a book, watch a documentary or watch the news, the exact sentences never leave our memory.

For example: I often quote books read from around 9 years ago, but the important facts or phrases are still memorized (not bragging – just feel needed considering my latest paraphrasing of books and doctors in comments).

It would be possible for me to back up my statements in comments with links to the history or new story or even crazy things that happen in the United States.

The reason I do not place a link to back up each comment I make is for these reasons:

a) Tons of links in an article make for a slower loading time.

b) I feel my readers are smart and they will simply do a Google search, if they do not believe something in a comment I have made.

Crazy things do go on in the United States, I can see how these things would seem completely unbelievable to new readers from across the globe.

Reminds me of the book/show “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.”

Just wanted to give a bit of background to the new readers, whom just began reading eccentric during the past week.

Happy Sunday, and welcome!

Appreciate every single comment and opinion, even if the opinion is completely opposite of mine or other commenters.


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  1. I like the way you put all this. Thanks for making it easy just to quote stuff instead of filling blogs with reference citations. You’re right. Makes for a busy blog and weary reading.

    • Thank you, sometimes people most likely think, “how did she respond with a quote from the book so quickly?” or “her statements cannot be true” or “how in the world does she know that information”

      Documentary and book nerd over here (me). Links in comments slow down loading time so much, that readers wouldn’t be able to load the post.

      Google search would bring up any info, if the person looks it up, and I assume WordPress bloggers are intelligent people.

      However, in a report post or others I always site sources.

      The citing of sources in a humor post, just doesn’t look right for some reason. Makes the post “not funny.”


Thank you for your opinion and feedback. I will visit your blog and comment. Have a wonderful day!

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