Eccentric “likes”

Quick note to new readers:

Gravatar profiles – I would love to visit your site from your “likes” here on Eccentric, but I am noting that some bloggers have not plugged in their website/blog to the Gravatar profile.

Please note how if you click on my little photo…Do you see how in the Gravatar profile, my website is listed & Facebook information?

You can fix this setting fairly quickly by taking the following steps:

  1. Dashboard
  2. Settings
  3. Discussion
  4. Click on your Gravatar photo
  5. Add your site to your Gravatar profile
  6. You can also do a “plug in” from the Gravatar profile to your Facebook page


The Facebook plug-in that is connected to this site is not a personal Facebook site. In my opinion, it is a good idea to have a Facebook page solely for your website/blog, that is not connected to your personal Facebook page.


Keeping the website/blog separate from the personal contacts is a good idea, as you may not wish to have people from across the globe, to have the ability to contact people in your personal life.


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  1. Good advice. I have had subscription issues, re-subbed here. My changing themes maybe. Dunno. Hope your feeling better Liz.

    • Me too, still having Gravatar issues…always have. Well, if I comment the person, cannot click on my name and get directly to my site, getting on my last nerve….done everything and refuse to spend any more time on it.

      What messed it up was I used to have two blogs, and joined them together, had Gravatar issues ever since.


Thank you for your opinion and feedback. I will visit your blog and comment. Have a wonderful day!

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