Five Minutes Ago & Cheap: The American Way

How can I say this in a polite and nice way? 

U.S. and other readers often look for articles in a quick fashion. In other words they often will look for new articles quickly. For example: freshly written articles, and if the blogger is unable to locate articles within approx. 5 seconds, they often times will click off the page. 

People who reside in the U.S., are used to doing things way too fast, we have “information overload.” 

For example: If an American (not all, but some) sits in a McDonald’s drive thru for more than five minutes, they will often become aggravated. 

Not making this sh*t up. 

Have no clue why the U.S. has become the country of: 

“We want it five minutes ago, and cheap,” but we have nonetheless. 

Sad, but true.

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  1. its like that in england too i blame it on the advent of supermarkets and the like because as people we became used to instant gratification, we no longer had to go all over or wait in more than one queue we had it all quickly and in one place we became used to being served immdiately and with the invention of fast food places we then became used to having others serve our food and have it waiting there instantly like a baby being breastfed we became used to instant gratification so now like a baby waiting on the boob we scream when it is not instant :) good post thank you for writing have a great day xx

    • WoW, KizzyLee, you must type 90 WPM…had no idea it was the same way in England, exactly right, we scream and throw fits here in the U.S. if things are not done so fast, it makes our head spin.

      While at a drive-thru I sometimes barely have time to get out my money, seems like they rush me to pay for the food. Fumbling around in my purse, getting all nervous searching for my wallet, while the person at the drive thru window looks at me like, “hurry up, please.”

      Seems like sometimes I would love to hurry up to not hurry up. lol

  2. What I find strange is how it’s the mother who wants things ‘five minutes ago’, especially when it comes to online web pages loading. You would’ve thought that someone who grew up without laptops, wifi and mobile phones would have more patience, but no. :D

    • Mothers really cannot stand long page loading time, think due to limited time from work and home balance. I grew up with no wi-fi, and if have to wait more than 5 seconds, click off and go to another blog to read/comment/like, quite intelligent how you thought about such things, being that you are not a mother, but a college student in England.

      • I noticed it because my Mum is guilty as charged :D lol She thinks clicking multiple things again and again will get what she wants when in fact it is more likely to crash the computer (I do this sometimes as well but not as often :D )

        • @mystudentstruggles – (laughing at your comment) as I do the same thing! Like I refuse to wait for any page to load, and clicking a button will make it go faster. Ha ha lol

  3. I despise drive-through lanes. Better to go inside when you can. Indeed Americans move too fast and want it yesterday. Sad isn’t it…

  4. Go, go, go… may sound weird, but ‘…if we keep the people so busy that they have no time to stop, look, listen, then we can do whatever we want & they won’t notice and even if they do, they won’t have time to deal with it…” On some level, this is something ‘they’ want – the more overload the better. ‘Just do what you have to & let the experts take care of things.’
    …just a thought

    • Wow, very insightful Sprinklin Thoughts, the thoughts you stated above never occurred to me…interesting, think you are on to something here.

      Sounds like a wonderful Sprinklin Thoughts future post perhaps?

      Makes me wonder if the less we notice around us, the more things slip by us and go unnoticed by most.

      Therefore, we do not change things that we do not see going on around us, that are of great importance, looking from a world like view of important current happenings, in politics, congress, government, etc.

      Hmmmm food for thought.


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